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Ivan Radman came to this world at the height of disco fever, in 1978. Being an artsy type, he always preferred jazz and blues and regretfully never chose the joyful existence of a carefree disco dancer. He grew a beard instead, opting for the laborious path of becoming a photographer and graphic designer.

After completing the School of Applied Arts and Design in his hometown of Zagreb, Croatia, he held a couple of steady jobs in desktop publishing and graphic design before going freelance and taking on photography. Artsy, of course. He can even boast of a brief teaching episode in his old high school, an experience which was rewarding in every sense except financial.

Thankfully, fate sent him a diligent and efficient wife who not only had a thingy for artistic souls but also landed a good job in – of all places – the richest country of all the EU, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. And so, like many a great man before him, Ivan became a stay-at-home Dad. And boy, was he a great one, too.  

After overcoming the initial cultural shock of Luxembourg’s uber-neatness and the really bad news that almost everyone around him, alas, spoke French, he became smitten with the Grand Duchy’s mediaeval charm and landscape. So he took his camera and ventured outside to shoot – bridges in eerie fog and other objects in bad weather, people in the streets, various moments in time. Photography became his true labour of love.

In his free time he travels (more photos), listens to good music (not disco), enjoys good wine (in moderation) and watches films (in excess). 

And he still hopes that one day he will learn French, but really.

Text by Laura Lui

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5-6 June 2015. Street photography project 'Luxembourg à pied' presented at the 21ST CENTURY PHOTOGRAPHY: ART, PHILOSOPHY, TECHNIQUE conference at the University of the Arts London

8-10 April 2016. Street photography project 'Luxembourg à pied' presented at the DELEUZE + ART (Multiplicities - Thresholds - Potentialities) conference at Trinity College Dublin


2002 New Zealand, Galery Lang, Samobor, Croatia (solo)

2009 Forest, Izidor Krsnjavi, Zagreb, Croatia

2010 Veins, Izidor Krsnjavi, Zagreb, Croatia

2017 Luxembourg à pied, Place Guillaume II, Luxembourg, Luxembourg (solo)

2017, Soundproof, Mondorf-les-bains, Mondorf, Luxembourg

2018, Soundproof, Foyer Européen, Luxembourg, Luxembourg